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First foreign translation rights sold! Prague, here I come!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

What a beautiful way to start the brand spanking new year. JOTA of the Czech Republic has bought translation rights to publish LOVE JUNKIE! Travel has always been a huge passion of mine, and a steady inspiration to my creativity. So the thrill of having LOVE JUNKIE embraced by another culture, and the chance to have the story translated into another language, is beyond awesome. Plus I’ve never been to Prague, or anywhere else there, but I have always wanted to visit. Any country which installed a literary president for so many years wins my heart. Now I have a great reason to finally experience the land of Vaclav Havel, Milan Kundera, and of course, Franz Kafka. Who are your favorite Czech writers? What are your favorite works of these writers? What about other Czech artists? Prague is also the home of  Jan Svankmajer, the surrealist artist and animator whose brilliant work has inflamed my imagination for years with such masterpieces as “Alice” and “Faust.” Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks so much for your support. Please keep spreading the word about LOVE JUNKIE if you dug it. Write Amazon reviews. Nudge your friends to read, buy books. Forgive me. We authors must bare ourselves in these crass commercial ways today. It’s largely up to readers and authors to help a book stay in print, and available. I’m grateful for your incredible responses and your help, and also to all the insightful, thoughtful and excellent reviewers who’ve read my book and reviewed it. I feel incredibly lucky. Here’s to a fabulous, adventure-filled, creative and prosperous new year with tons of travel whether exotic and faraway, or local, or simply in the ever-on-tap imagination!

Here is a short bit from Svankmajer’s “Alice” for your mind’s pleasure:

Alice…through the desk drawer…